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PEARSON THOUGHT LEADERSHIP WEBINAR SERIES - December: Implement Effective Assessment Practices


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Implement Effective Assessment Practices
Learn how effective assessment practices can increase student achievement.
  • Are You Really Standards-Based? Auditing Local Assessment and Grading
  • Using Assessment Data to Inform Personalized Instruction
  • Why Most So-Called Formative Assessment Isn't—and What You Can Do about It
  • The Challenges and Benefits of the Next-Generation Standards and Assessments
  • Accurate Grading with a Standards-Based Mindset
Changing Practices
Learn How from Education Leaders and Common Core Experts
  • ELA in the Common Core Era
  • Leadership in Education
  • Math in the Common Core Era
Make Your Move. The Shift is On. 
Join Pearson thought leaders for Common Core Guidance.
  • Be Core-Ready for the Teaching of Writing
  • Creating Rich Instructional Tasks: The Common Core in Grades 6 - 12
  • Developing Academic Language and Content Knowledge in English Learners
  • Preparing ALL Children to Meet the Common Core Standards: Joining Complex Texts, Challenging Tasks, and Expert Teaching
  • Creating an Environment for ELLs to Succeed in CCSS Content and Mathematical Practices
The Clock is Ticking.
Pearson Common Core institute.
  • Common Core: Making the Leap and Achieving Success
  • Updates on PARCC and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortiums
  • Improving Student Writing - how to use formative assessment to improve writing
  • Continuing the journey - One District continues the migration to Common Core
Get Ready to Go
Experts will provide information on topics including:
  • Professional Development – What types of PD will be necessary for changes in instruction in ELA and math.
  • Assessments – Learn about PARCC and Smarter Balanced Consortia, their goals, timelines, and sample test questions.
  • Learn from one of your peers as she explains how they are implementing the Common Core.
Unlocking the Common Core
Join your colleagues at the Common Core Institute and hear from the experts about the standards, what they mean to you and how to implement them in your school and district.
Next Generation Assessments
Pearson has developed a comprehensive resource, Considerations for Next-Generation Assessments: A Roadmap to 2014
Common Core Virtual Conference
Understand the goals and background of the standards for a successful implementation in your districts and schools.


Getting Ready for the Common Core
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