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Managing classroom stress


While most teachers can attest to the stress related to their professions, some of which might be caused by working to implement Common Core Standards, educators must know how to deal with this stress appropriately for it not to affect their work.

Education Week recently drew attention to Special Education teacher Elona Hartjes, who recently took a medical leave due to the significant second-hand stress she received from her students, according to one of her blog posts. Hartjes wrote that seeing her students struggle with stress and negative emotions caused her own state of mind to mirror theirs.

With students often stressed out during the school day, educators might want to give the whole classroom some time to unwind by practicing meditation or yoga. The Classroom Yoga Project includes a number of helpful videos, and allows teachers to implement this self-reflective time into their classroom.

Progressive muscle relaxation is additionally suggested by the world-famous Mayo Clinic. Educators can lead their class in exercises that allow the class to slowly tense then relax all the muscles in their bodies, starting at their heads and moving to their toes.

Soft music can be played while students are completing worksheets, writing assignments or other lessons, and can provide as much anxiety relief as a professional massage, according to the Group Health Research Institute.


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