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Technology central in personalized learning

While personalized learning is not necessarily a new concept, its usage is continuing to grow in both non-traditional and conventional settings with the help of technology.

Personalized learning is a learning model which takes into account a student’s past experiences, interests and range of abilities and skills. Educators can work under this model and provide a more well-rounded approach to learning through the use of technology, according to educational publication The Journal. For example, students who had repeatedly failed an algebra course in one California high school were put in a class technology-driven personalized classroom, where each student could work on separate topics at their own pace while the teacher went around answering questions as needed. Under this model, each student passed the course.

A marriage of the learning model and technological resources additionally has the bonus of aligning with Common Core’s commitment to multi-faceted education and utilization of technology.

A program that has taken full advantage of technology in education, the New Tech Network sprang from an experimental high school established 15 years ago in Napa, California. According to a case study hosted by The Opportunity Equation’s website, New Tech is a network of 62 similar-minded institutions in 14 states. New Tech Network schools work on developing critical thinking skills by having students work collaboratively on projects through the program’s complex network and library of resources, which are shared by the schools.


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