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New ways of reading with Common Core Standards for language arts

With new tools come new methods. As teachers implement the Common Core Standards language arts instruction, many are realizing that the innovative standards additionally require new forms of teaching, including new methods on the art of reading.

According to Education Week, while many educators are familiar with the four areas of reading instruction, including phonics, fluency, comprehension and phonemic awareness, few know how to integrate all four types into one model. With most teachers additionally focusing on teaching each individual subset, educators must work to see how these are interrelated.

Giving each reading area fair amounts of time and integrating all together as the reading process, most educators agree that teaching reading is not easy.

"Teaching reading and writing at really high levels is kind of rocket science," Cami Anderson, Newark Public Schools superintendent, said to Education Week.

Educators teaching a dynamic student population must also focus on the needs of their students. In Monterey, California, where 17 percent of all students are English language learners, the district is working with the state's Department of Education to revise the Common Core Standards to better meet the needs of the student population, according to area news source the Monterey Herald


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