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Teachers' view of Common Core education

According to a recent report that outlined teachers' views on the profession, 46 percent of teachers said they are seeing fewer students prepared for challenging work, while only 45 percent of teachers believe their students take standardized testing seriously.

These are just a few of the reasons teachers in almost every state are in favor of adopting Common Core State Standards, which will push students to prepare for college and their future careers, while also changing the way standardized tests challenge students.

"They want stronger curricula that relate to the real world, and they welcome accountability that's done thoughtfully and fairly," said Vicki Phillips, director of education for the college ready at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, one of the sponsors of the report. "When it comes to evaluations, teachers know what's good for students is good for them too - multiple measures of their performance and consistent feedback to help them improve."

An opinion piece for the Twin Cities Daily Planet, composed by Kaye Thompson Peters, a teacher in St. Paul, Minnesota, said Common Core education has the potential to make education more than a simplistic, testable and routinized system. She described the in-depth process that she and other teachers went through to help develop the standards, which included coming up with sample lesson plans and the key focuses of the curricula. For example,  narrative, literary, argumentative, and informative essays and research and media projects will all be part of the new language arts standards.


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